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Five-Star Reviews for Yes Vote

"Not just for developers."

Katie does a great job providing a practical approach for approaching public policy issues...what she describes isn't just for developers.

~ Amazon Reader

"Leadership, integrity, and influence in a seemingly contentious world!"

What a great read on self-respect and service to the community. Katie presents an action-oriented model for any social change agent and community organizer. Great balance on processes and outcomes!

~ Marc Cordon

"An Invaluable Resource for Developers"

Yes Vote is a winner! Coates has taken the mystery out of the formidable process of how to gain the approvals of City Councils when it comes to commercial and mixed use projects. She references her years of experience and success as she doles out advice and recommendations to readers. I love how she uses the power of storytelling to make important points and show what really happened in real world scenarios. It's an easy read because of the way information is presented. Yes Vote is a must read for any developer or real estate investment firm!

~ Amazon Reader
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